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A Tumultuous but Ultimately Positive Year for Stocks and Risk Assets (Morningstar 2020)

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Ownership of U.S Corporate Stock (Federal Reserve 1965-2019)

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S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Growth Indexes Have Considerable Overlap (BofA 1986-2020)

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The Historical Tug of War Between Growth and Value (Bloomberg Data 1974-2020)

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Growth and Value Comparison (MSCI 1984-2020)

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Average Cumulative S&P 500 Total Returns (FactSet 1988-2020)

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Not all the best stocks are in the U.S (MSCI 2011-2020)

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Markets have powered through past viral outbreaks (MSCI 2001-2020)

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Fama/French U.S Growth Research Index (Dimensional Fund Advisors 2000-2001)

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