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Wealth Management

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The Looooong Term Trend (Source: Bank of England)

September 16.png

Cumulative Total Return Percentage of $1000 Investment (Source: Real Investment Advice)

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Real S&P 500 Vs. Valuations (Source: Real Investment Advice)

September 14.png

Return Forecast Distributions & Probabilities of Return (Source: RAFI Indices)

September 8.png

Research Affiliates' Current Capital Markets Expectations (Source: RAFI Indices)

September 7.png

Historical Equity Return (Source: RAFI Indices)

September 5.png

Historical Bond Return (Source: RAFI Indices)

September 3.png

Which Portfolio Would You Choose? (Source: RAFI Indices)

September 2.png

Listed Homes for Sale Per Capita (Source: DoubleLine Funds)

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